A work of heart

logo of The Alfond Inn

The Alfond Inn, a work of heart

Built into the concept of our Winter Park hotel, The Alfond Inn, is a commitment to the arts.  We’ve incorporated this commitment into our logo with the statement The Alfond Inn, A Work Of Heart”.  Our love for the arts will be permanently on display throughout the Inn with a rotating exhibition from the collection of the Cornell Fine Arts Museum.

The collection has been developed, and continues to grow, as a gift to the students, prospective students, community members, individuals and families who visit the Rollins College campus. Barbara and Ted Alfond ’68, with the assistance of independent curator Abigail Ross Goodman, have formed this collection specifically for Rollins as an affirmation of the benefits and rewards of a liberal arts education, which encourages critical thinking, the exploration of one’s personal values, the appreciation of cultures around the world, and above all, the possible pathways towards love, understanding, and change for good.